So you've finally, finally finished writing your book. Now you can move on to the easy part.


Yeah, right!


I don't think anyone's that naive these days, but the publishing world is changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up and to know what to do with your manuscript once you are done writing. 


Scams have become a way of life, and as with any project you may undertake, you have to be careful not to be duped by the money-hungry sharks waiting to drag you into their very expensive mouths and eat you up. 

Everyone Needs an Editor

Even the top best-selling authors in the world work with editors, because they know their books have to be as good as it is humanly possible to make them if they want to stay competitive. 

 Editing improves the story and sentence flow, and identifies plot holes. It helps authors organize their work and make it clear, articulate, coherent, and compelling. 

So why wait? You're wasting time. You could be selling your books. Click on the Contact button now, and let's get this show on the road.


Self-Publishing is an option open to everyone.

We live in an amazing era where self-publishing is now the norm. A couple of decades ago, writers had to send their manuscripts to publishers and beg them to take a look, but the Internet has changed all of that. 

Now we have choices, and the advantages of self-publishing are:

-- you retain all the rights

--your book will be published as soon as you can get it done

--it won't break the bank.

For those who are computer-savvy, it's not that difficult to upload and publish an e-book.

For authors to whom it sounds like a daunting task, I can help lead you through the process from start to end and I promise you will be satisfied when you see your book in print or online and formatted for download onto a Kindle, Apple or other handheld devices.


Is there a cost?

Yes, but it is a lot less than you would pay if you tried to do it on your own.

Many writers I know are computer literate enough to handle the formatting and uploading, but may discover little glitches in their ebooks after they have been published.

I can help fix them.

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