Submitting Your Manuscript                      

You've spell checked it a hundred times, made all the changes your editor has suggested and read it from beginning to end until you could almost recite the whole thing. In fact, you're actually getting sick of it and wish you could just get it published already. 

Okay. If you're sure it's as good as you can possibly make it, it's time to submit your creation. This is where you make the choice--do you self-publish or do you send your story to a bunch of publishers and hope one of them will bite?

If you want to go the latter route, search for the "Submission Guidelines" on each publisher's page and follow their instructions exactly. Some will ask for the first three chapters plus a synopsis, others may want the entire manuscript. Don't forget the query letter and be absolutely certain your manuscript is formatted the way they ask. Some publishers accept multiple submissions. This means they're okay with it if you submit your project to other publishers all at the same time. The wait time is usually three to six months before you hear back from them, so this will help cut it down a little. 

What if you Don't Want to Wait? 

The only way you can get your book published and selling in a short period of time is to publish it yourself. While there are a lot of companies who offer self-publishing options, I recommend Amazon. After all, they are the biggest publisher in the world, so they should know what they're doing, right? The other reason is that they don't charge you to publish with them. 

They will lead you through the entire process for you to publish your book in print, and they also help you publish it in Kindle format, and do some promoting for you if you decide to choose Kindle Direct Publishing. 

Amazon's publishing arm is called Createspace. Check it out -- .