Now You Need a Website                     

Your book is published and there is no greater thrill than seeing the fruits of your labor in print. But how are you going to get the information about your book out? More and more options are opening up every day--you can have a Facebook fan page (for those who are Facebook users), and a Blog, but it also makes sense to have your own website.

Why a Website?

A website is your virtual office or showroom. People visit because they are interested in finding out more about you and your books. They may want to ask you questions about your books, or read about you as an author. You can hold contests on your website, publish previews of your stories, and offer a form for people to use to subscribe to your newsletter.

I can make a website for you.


What Does It Involve?

First you have to reserve a domain name - - I prefer you to reserve it at the site I recommend, who will be hosting the website, but if you already have a domain name it can be transferred to them.
Then I build the site for you. You pay half up front and half upon your approval.
There is a one time publishing fee of around $10.00
You pay $4.95/month hosting fee to the hosting company. 

These are some websites I've built: